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A Beautiful Gory Display – Kickstart’s BLACKSMITH and ENDANGERED

This week, our friends at Kickstart Comics have two new books coming out.  And once again, they were kind enough to send me copies for review.  That’s always an exciting event, and not just because getting to read comics before they come out has been my career goal since I was a small child.  It’s also because Kickstart’s original graphic novels have been consistently enjoyable.  I’m a big fan of the format, and so far all of their books have been solid, fun reads.  This week, they’re releasing Blacksmith and Endangered.

Blacksmith – Ever since the Revolutionary War, an organization known as the Blacksmiths has created new and unique weapons on behalf of the government.  Blacksmith gives us Alex Malloy, an ingenious young weapons designer who finds himself on the run from the CIA after one of his guns is used to kill a US Senator.  And as I say about so many Kickstart books, that’s a pretty awesome premise.

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