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A Beautiful Gory Display – Kickstart’s BOOK OF LILAH and WARD 6

May has been a big month for our friends at Kickstart Comics.  We’ve checked in with them twice already, and they have two more original graphic novels coming out this week.  So without further ado, let’s jump right in and take a look at their newest releases, Book of Lilah and Ward 6

Book of Lilah – This could not have hit my nerd buttons better if they planned it.  I mean, a centuries-old order of librarians protects the world’s knowledge and guides human development, cultivating a mystic library that is also connected to every other library in the world.  Oh, and some books unlock the full intellectual potential of anybody who leafs through the pages.  My only regret is that this didn’t come out when I was 12, because it would have blown my mind.

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