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A Beautiful Gory Display – New Releases from Kickstart Comics

Back in November, our friends at Kickstart Comics put out their first wave of graphic novels, and we were big fans.  They’ve got a lot of books coming out in the next month, and three new releases hit stores today.  And since they were kind enough to send us copies, we’re taking a look at the new Deadline, Headache, and Heavy Water

Kickstart publishes original, standalone graphic novels in a wide variety of genres.  Some of their creators are well-established in comics, some are talented newcomers, and some come from movies and TV.  And everything they’ve published has been really good – their lineup is clever and inventive, and there’s a really nice diversity in the material.  None of the seven books that I’ve read feels like another book in the lineup.  They’re not repeating themselves – it’s something new every time.  And I suppose I’ve already spoiled the fact that I really like the books in this review, so if you were going to start some kind of office pool, I apologize for ruining your fun.

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