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A Beautiful Gory Display: The Black Diamond and Sad Superman

You know, I really try to keep A Beautiful Gory Display positive.There are so many things out there worth reading, and I’d rather maybe introduce people to something good then tell them why something is bad.Also, there’s the fact that I’m just a regular guy who doesn’t generally get free stuff – I tend to buy things that I expect to like, and if I don’t like something, I stop buying it.I read things that I like, so that means I’m left reviewing things that I like.But man, I really need to talk about Superman.But stick with me, and I’ll review some good things at the end, including a book by spunkybuddy Larry Young.
I love Superman.Not as much as I love Batman, you understand, but Superman is awesome.Superman gets kind of a bad rap for being boring, or being too powerful, or being a “boy scout”, but I don’t really get that.The fact that he can pull the moon out of its orbit and still has small town values makes him inherently fascinating.If you can’t write a good story about the guy, you need to rethink your creative ambitions.
For some reason, DC seems to think that Superman needs to be sad.We’ve been treated to a veritable raft of stories where Superman is sad about stuff.He’s sad because he doesn’t fit in on Earth.He’s sad because he blames himself for some crisis or another.In the last five years, it feels like I’ve seen more panels of Superman crying than I’ve seen of him punching things.
And now, new Superman writer J. Michael Straczynski has embarked on a 13-part story where Superman walks across America so he can get in touch with the common man.That’s 13 months of Superman walking.And yes, that’s kind of what Forrest Gump did.Bottom line, Superman and Forrest should not be interchangeable.
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