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A Beautiful Gory Display: Batman: Reborn!

It’s an All-Batman week over here at “A Beautiful Gory Display”! That’s our favorite kind of week, frankly. This week, I’ll be reviewing all of the Batman: Reborn books. Yeah, June’s been a big relaunch month with a new Batman and several new series. I’ve already reviewed the awesome Batman and Robin, in an earlier column, so that leaves us with five Bat-Books to review. How’s Dick Grayson working out in his first month in the Bat-suit? Let’s find out, together! Well, I guess I had to find out first so I can write about them. But the rest of you can find out together, at least.
Batman 687 (DC) – Writer Judd Winick (who you know from that season of The Real World with Puck) returns to Batman with this issue. Strangely, he pretty much ignores the disappointing Battle for the Cowl, which ended up with Grayson as Batman. He basically rewrites the whole series here, with a Dick Grayson who’s not convinced that he, or anybody, should take the reins. It’s much more enjoyable than the mini-series, largely because everybody remains in character.
Winick tends to be controversial – he takes a lot of flack for inserting his pet causes into his work. I’ve never been that bothered, personally. He had a tendency to sermonize, but he does a good job of balancing it out. And frankly, there are worse things in the world than devoting an issue of Green Lantern to having the title character smack around some violent homophobes, you know?

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