A Beautiful Gory Display

A Beautiful Gory Display: Bruce Wayne Returns, and So Do We!

It’s been a long time since the last Beautiful Gory Display. Recap season sort of drained all of our available time, but now we’re back and ready to talk comics.
This week, we’ve got a couple of major releases, one of which involves Batman, and a series that’s soon to be a major motion picture. So let’s get right to it, with the adventures of Caveman Batman.
Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne 1-2 (DC) – If you follow Batman with the sort of energy that is the right and privilege of all good Americans (or just read A Beautiful Gory Display), you know that about a year and a half ago, Bruce Wayne was apparently killed but actually trapped in prehistoric times. And now, it’s time for an amnesiac Batman to fight his way back to the 21st Century.
In this six-issue miniseries (written by Grant Morrison with a different artist for each issue), Bruce finds himself in a new era every issue, getting ever closer to the present. Now, that alone is enough to sell me. Frankly, if you don’t want to read about Caveman Batman and Pilgrim Batman, I will never understand how your mind works.

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