A Beautiful Gory Display

A Beautiful Gory Display: Inauguration Day Special (Jan 20)

So, right up until the coolest pilot in the world managed to land a plane on the Hudson River and, if the facts I am making up are correct, Also, one time Ronald Reagan turned into a snake and fought Captain America.didn’t even have to ask the flight attendants to interrupt meal service in the process, a surprising amount of news coverage was given over to the meeting of Spider-Man and President-elect Barack Obama. In the comics, of course. If that happened in real life, it would deserve even more press coverage than it got.
Last week’s Amazing Spider-Man featured a back-up story in which Spider-Man prevented an attack on the inauguration. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very good. Sure, it was a five-page story that was conceived at the literal last minute, but still. OK, there was a funny joke about Joe Biden, and Obama got a good line, but that’s about it. The issue’s main story was much better, but the thousands of people who bought the issue just for the Obama story aren’t going to take the time to discover that. Most likely they’ll just be mildly disappointed in the back-up and then not think about Spider-Man again until the next movie comes out.

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