A Beautiful Gory Display

A Beautiful Gory Display: The Moments of Joy Edition

So, we’ve got big plans for “A Beautiful Gory Display” coming up – actual professional people talked to me about things, and we’ll be presenting them here.  It’s going to be pretty awesome.  But until we go live with that, we have the Moments of Joy edition of A Beautiful Gory Display.  That’s right, we’re wantonly mixing features!

As I may have made clear in the past, I really like superheroes.  I read plenty of different genres, but superheroes will always have a place in my heart.  Unfortunately, some of my long-time favorites have fallen on hard times of late.  It’s been almost two decades since I went a month without reading Superman, but I really don’t like the current direction of the book, and it makes me sad when I buy it now, so I stopped.  There were other cutbacks too, books that I’ve been reading forever.  So I find myself kind of pessimistic about the state of superheroes from the Big Two publishers.  And that’s why I decided that Moments of Joy would fix things.

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