A Beautiful Gory Display

Muppets, Seaguy, and Not-Quite-Batman

With a drastic reduction in our recapping schedules, we have to write about something to keep that sweet, delicious content coming over the good old series of tubes and into your throbbing eyeballs. That sounded much more disturbing than we intended, and we apologize. Anyway, it’s time to take A Beautiful Gory Display out of mothballs (Seriously, the last installment was on Inauguration Day! We are ashamed of ourselves.) and bring you some swell comic book reviews on a weekly basis. This is very exciting for us, because there is nothing we like talking about more than Batman.
It’s review time!
The Muppet Show 1 & 2 (Boom! Studios) – Oh, man. This is fantastic. It seems like nobody’s been able to get the Muppets right for a very long time. In fact, the characters have changed ownership numerous times over the last few years. But really, if you can’t figure out a way to make money off the Muppets, you don’t belong in polite society. Two issues in, and this series has hit a home run in a way that hasn’t happened since The Muppets Take Manhattan.
I’ve been a fan of cartoonist Roger Langridge since the Fred the Clown days, and his vaudeville sensibilities make him the perfect fit for Kermit and the rest. He presents each issue as an episode of the classic series. The Muppets put on a show, Statler and Waldorf criticize it, and we see backstage antics. It’s a formula that worked for years, and that everybody seems to throw that formula out these days. Instead, the recent movies feature the Muppets in single-genre parodies or recasting a specific story. In two issues, Roger Langridge has managed to make everybody involved with these lackluster Mupper entries look like chumps.

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