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Kickstart Comics – The Mark Sable Interview for Rift Raiders

We’re wrapping up our first round of Kickstart Comics coverage with an interview with Mark Sable, writer of Rift Raiders. We’re talking about his new book, about the differences between writing your own creations and working on established creators, and more

EJ:  I’ve been seeing your name on more and more comics over the last year.  How did you get started in the industry, and what brought you to Kickstart?

MARK:  I started with a creator-owned book from Image called Grounded with artist Paul Azaceta that was released in 2005-2006.  That led a bunch of doors being opened for me in both comics and film.  DC Comics noticed me and I got to write things like Supergirl and Teen Titans, Image gave me the green light on two more books, Fearless (with PJ Holden) and Hazed (with Robbi Rodriguez)…and I suddenly had the ability to pitch to Hollywood as well. 

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