Eight Short Opinions About Recent Things

Some things just don’t support an article on their own, but they don’t really fit the jokey format of some of our round-ups.In search of the appropriate middle ground, we bring you 8 Short Opinions About Recent Things. If it helps to picture Larry King-style ellipses between items, feel free.Today, it’s Up, Lost and other things.

**While re-watching the first season of Lost, there was one scene that astonished me.Early on, Locke sees the monster, but the viewers don’t.Later, Locke describes it as being made of “white smoke”.Now, whenever we’ve seen Smokey, he’s been all black.Is it possible there are two monsters?And, if Black Smokey is, as seems likely, Silas (the anti-Jacob) in smoke form, does this mean that Locke encountered Jacob’s smoke form?Pretty amazing, right?Also, we did see some white smoke in Season Five – when Christian met Sun and Frank at the Orientation Center, a white haze rolled in through the open door.Was that Jacob?More importantly, can January come soon enough?

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