EJ’s Top 15

It’s hard for me to lump all my stimuli into a single list.  Is a good book better than a good movie?  Is a song better than a TV show?  Are bears better than cheese?  I don’t have the ability to toss everything I’ve seen, read, or heard this year into my brain blender and measure them against one another.  To nobody’s surprise, I’ll limit my list to TV, since that’s what occupies my head space.

And now, I begin to choose between my children.

15. Gilmore Girls Granted, the seventh and final season was not exactly a high-water mark for the series.  It still makes my list 2007 for three highlights.  First, Lorelai dumped Christopher.  That was satisfying.  Second, the series finale, rushed as it was, hit all the right emotional notes and reminded us why we loved the        show.  And finally, in one of the last episodes, we had Lorelai’s drunken karaoke, otherwise known as The Greatest Thing I Have Ever Seen.

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