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Futurama: The 10 Best Episodes (So Far)

This week, we’re finally returning to the 31st Century as Comedy Central brings us new episodes of Matt Groening’s cult hit Futurama.FOX cancelled the show way back in 2003, when they discovered that airing a show in an ever-changing time slot, often pre-empting it for sports coverage, and occasionally taking it off the air entirely for up to three months at a time did not result in a ratings juggernaut.Who knew, right?
Thanks to strong DVD sales and a substantial audience for repeats on Adult Swim (who took the unprecedented step of actually promoting Futurama), Comedy Central picked up the series, including the four direct-to-DVD movies, and will begin airing new episodes on Thursday.To celebrate this glorious occasion, I’m going to look back at my Top 10 Futurama Episodes.
Please note, these ratings are subject to change at any moment – there isn’t a Futurama episode that I don’t love, and there’s always a chance that the most recent episode I saw will make the list.Still, this should provide a pretty good cross-section of the best of Futurama.
Honorable Mention:
Future Stock – This was actually on the list until I realized that I had 11 entries.This episode begins with Fry, a delivery boy who was cryogenically frozen in 1999, meeting up with another 20th Century survivor.This guy, who is never given a name in the episode, was frozen back in the 1980’s until a cure could be found for his boneitis.He then launches a hostile takeover of Planet Express using his 80’s management style.It culminates in the funniest stockholder’s meeting ever, with the sandwich-heavy portfolio paying off for the hungry investor.Also, you will see the Safety Dance.
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