Listopolis: Top 10 Obscure Catchphrases

Let’s face it: lists are fun. It’s fun to make a list ranking things, and it’s fun to argue about other people’s lists. Sure, sometimes that involves shaking your fist at the jackass who made a list of the 100 Greatest TV Characters of All Time and didn’t even think to include Bender from Futurama. (Like Carrie Bradshaw is better than Bender….) So we, obsessive as we are, are introducing the spunkyList, or as we like to call it, “Listopolis”. You name it, we’ll rank it!
And let’s kick things off with a favorite topic: Catchphrases! But not just any catchphrases. Everybody knows “D’oh!”, “That’s what she said!”, “Yadda yadda yadda”, “Bite my shiny metal ass”, “Signed, Epstein’s Mother”, “I’ve made a huge mistake”, and 33 years worth of recurring characters on Saturday Night Live. Instead, let’s go beneath the surface for our ten favorite obscure catchphrases. You know, the ones you don’t even realize are catchphrases until you watch a whole bunch of episodes in one sitting. And from then on, it’s love.

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