Listopolis: Top 25 Simpsons Episodes

It’s the longest running scripted primetime TV show ever – The Simpsons. What you’re probably asking is “Hey EJ!  You’ve seen every episode.  Which are the best episodes out of its 430-and-counting?”  Well, lucky for you, Listopolis is on the case!
A few notes:  I’m limiting Christmas, Halloween, and Sideshow Bob episodes to one each.  Also, my Just what is the source of Milhouse's terror?ratings take the entire episode into account.  There are some “meh” episodes that have absolutely classic bits.  Nobody’s going to put “Homer vs. Dignity” on their list of favorites, but we all love “My eye!  I’m not supposed to get pudding in it!”  Finally, my bias toward Seasons 4-8 will be readily apparent here.  (Five years, not a single bad episode!)  However, I’m not one of those people who gets bitter about every new episode and complains about how the show isn’t as good as it used to be.  Yes, I think the show has a clearly defined Golden Age, but I also think the quality is still strong.  It’s just easier for me to rank episodes that I have readily available on DVD.  Recent episodes like “Springfield Up” and “Homerazzi” would have had a decent shot at the list if I’d been able to watch them recently.
And here we go – the 25 Greatest Episodes of The Simpsons!

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