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Conan Week: The Portable Conan

We love Conan O’Brien.  The spunkybean staff sort of idolizes him, going all the way back to his days as a Simpsons writer.  All week, we’re going to be celebrating Conan, and right now we’re looking at his guest appearances.  Conan’s popped up in some unlikely places, and here are some of our favorites.
1.  Mr. Show – Only a cameo, but in 1995, Conan and Andy Richter played themselves in the pilot episode of Bob and David’s classic sketch comedy show.  In the brief clip, they interview white-trash hero Ronnie Dobbs, using the classic Conan technique of having Robert Smiegel’s mouth projected onto a still photograph.  You have to admit, it was pretty cool of Conan to drop by and help out a cult show before it even had a chance to become a cult.

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