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So You’ve Kissed Jake Ryan …Now What?

Recently, I was having a spirited debate with a friend over the movie “Some Kind of Wonderful”. He said it was an example of when John Hughes really started to go south, and I got defensive–I still had misty water-colored memories of that last scene, wherein Keith gives Watts the earrings and she’s crying while the awesome 80’s version of “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” kicks up on the soundtrack. They walk down the empty street, arm in arm, and SCENE.

This got me thinking, what do you think happened after the lights came up and those movies ended? Do you think that any of these would-be supercouples of 80’s teen cinema would have lasted for five minutes after that Thompson Twins song ended? I mean, really, how many people meet THE ONE while they’re still in high school? (OK, all three of you be quiet!)

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