Fun With Pop Culture

Pop-Culture Kangaroo Court

Hear ye, hear ye – court is in session! We’re putting pop culture on trial here. As much as we love pop culture, some of it has a lot to answer for. Maybe we liked something at the time, and now we feel sad about being stupid. Maybe we still like something, but it spawned the creation of some truly regrettable material. Unlike real courts, we have the benefit of hindsight, and we are free to issue convictions long after the fact. The defendants this time are Aladdin, Clerks, and Star Wars. Will we find these movies guilty, or will they once again taste the sweet nectar of freedom? Let’s find out!
Case 1: Aladdin
The Prosecution: Robin Williams. I should be able to rest my case with those two words, but further elaboration may be necessary. At the time, Williams’ vocal performance as the Genie was a standout – fast and funny, zipping through pop culture references, with fast-paced animation to mirror that voice. But this performance brought ruin in its wake. First off, Robin Williams started getting more work. He made a lot of bad, bad movies since then. Even worse, it brought him enough renewed popularity that he’s still making the talk show rounds, trotting out the same three tired impressions in a desperate attempt to convince us that he’s wacky and hilarious. (Oh, Ronald Reagan, big black man, and gay guy – is there anything you won’t say?)

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