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Rockin’ the Vote (Nov 4)

It’s Election Day, and in these parts, that means only one thing: Choosing the best TV President! And no, it’s not which of the candidates makes for the best small-screen presentation value, but rather, which TV President would make the best real President. This is spunkybean country, and that’s how we roll.

Now, this is by no means a complete list. Sure, if we had access to all five episodes of FOX’s 1987 flop Mr. President (starring George C. Scott!), we’d throw it in, but we are only human. Also, The West Wing’s Jed Bartlett has been ruled ineligible, because we have never watched an entire episode. See, we were very upset when NBC cancelled Homicide and NewsRadio, so we boycotted all of their new series that year. By the time we had relaxed our restrictions, Aaron Sorkin had started ‘shrooming out and writing entire episodes devoted to slamming individual viewers who had the gall to point out flaws in Sorkin’s grasp of the Constitution. Thus, we decided that wouldn’t be the best jumping-on point.

So which of the remaining contenders deserves to lead the free world? Let’s find out!

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