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The First Annual Spunky Awards – Part Two

Welcome back!  It’s the end of 2010, and we’re wrapping up our year with part two of the First Annual Spunky Awards.  This time, we’re awarding individual achievement.  So once we change into our formal wear, we’ll be giving out Spunkies for our Favorite Celebrity Couple, Badass of the Year, Scene Stealers of the Year, and many more – including our coveted Entertainer of the Year award.  So before you head off to celebrate the birth of Baby 2011, have a seat and let’s celebrate an awesome and occasionally horrifying year in TV.  FUNNIEST PERFORMANCE BY A GUY WE DIDN’T EXPECT TO BE FUNNY – Sure, Bradley Whitford has been funny before, but in that Aaron Sorkin way.  You know, the “Smugly demolishing characters who exist only as a straw man with a well-phrased quip” way, which really isn’t the same as actually being funny.  But Dan Stark in The Good Guys is a whole different ball game.  Whether it was his propensity for hitting suspects with his car or his inability to correctly identify any piece of technology, Whitford gave us one of the funniest and most unforgettable characters of the year.

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