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TV’s Best Bars

Not long ago, our own Myndi and EJ reviewed some of TV’s best-loved restaurants.  Afterwards, they realized that they really needed a drink.  And so, they headed back to review fictional bars.  They didn’t limit it to traditional bars, either. Strip clubs, saloons, nightclubs – if there’s a liquor license, our writers went there.  So, where’s the best place to wet your whistle and forget the events of the day?  Let’s find out! Moe’s Tavern Springfield It almost seems like a parody of a dive bar, but Moe’s Tavern is deadly serious.  And we don’t use the word “deadly” lightly.  Between the cases of food poisoning, the surprisingly frequent fistfights, and the multiple suspicious fires, there are an alarmingly high number of injuries sustained here.  It is, frankly, disgusting in here.  Never mind the caked grime on every flat surface – that’s the least of our worries here.  An overweight alcoholic appears to actually live in the men’s room.  And there’s no ladies room.  The selection of available brews is limited to the products of the Duff Brewery – if you order something else, you’re getting a Duff and maybe a dirty look.  And a dirty glass.  It’s possible there’s something here that we just aren’t getting, because a small group of loyal regulars swear by the place.  Whether that’s a result of the generally low standards of Springfieldians or whether there’s some charm to the Tavern that doesn’t easily reveal itself, we can’t really say, though we don’t really want to go back to find out.  A word of advice – if you find yourself here, do not partake of the complimentary pickled eggs. One Star (The Simpsons)

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  1. The Regal Beagle!

  2. You just heard two people simultaneously kicking themselves for forgetting that one…

  3. DAMMIT!

  4. Bob’s Burgers sells beer!

    • But I guess it wasn’t on the air yet when this was published. I just wanted to give the Belcher’s a shout out. (Also it’s a restaurant, not technically a bar)

      • They definitely would have made the list these days! It’s a weird detail that they rarely acknowledge, but it’s very funny that Bob has a liquor license.

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