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TV’s Greatest Restaurants – A Handy Guide

It’s happened to all of us – you tune into your favorite show and suddenly you’re hungry.  There’s a proud tradition of TV restaurants, and we often find ourselves wondering if the chicken at Mr. Cluck’s is any good or whether Breadsticks lives up to its reputation.  So Myndi and EJ took a look at some of TV’s most beloved eateries to decide where they would want to get lunch if they ever become fictional characters.

Who passed the taste test?  Find out below!

Los Pollos Hermanos Albuquerque, NM This location is the crown jewel of the Los Pollos Hermanos franchise.  The owner of the entire operation, Gus Fring, spends his days managing the Albuquerque restaurant, and it’s that personal commitment that lifts it from being just another chicken shack to something special.  Gus can often be seen going table to table, making sure his customers are happy.  The food is better than you’d expect – definitely a notch above its competitors and surprisingly addictive.  You’ll want to come back again and again for a Pollo Grande Mega Meal.  The major drawback is that Los Pollos Hermanos tends to attract a sketchy clientele.  While Fring does his best to make sure that none of the paying customers are harassed or inconvenienced, it can be disconcerting. Score:  Three and-a-half Stars (Breaking Bad) Nuovo Vesuvio Newark, NJ Better known to is loyal customers as Vesuvio’s, this is the gold standard for upscale Italian dining on the Eastern Seaboard.  After losing the original Vesuvio in a 1999 fire, restaurateur and head chef Artie Bucco came back in a new location with a new focus.  Vesuvio manages to be both opulent and comfortable, and everything from the most lavish dishes to a simple baked ziti is letter-perfect.  While Bucco can be a bit intrusive and pushy, his dishes speak for themselves.  The only real issue we saw is that the high turnover of personnel means that the front-of-house staff is in a constant state of training.  But if you can get past the interruptions, a divine Italian experience awaits. Score:  Five Stars (The Sopranos)

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  1. I don’t think you missed a single TV restaurant, save for the mess hall on M*A*S*H*, maybe. Of course, it’s hard to believe TWO places on Gilmore Girls made the cut and the diner from Alice and The Peach Pit did not.

    I would do anything for a heaping plate of passive aggressiveness and unspoken sentiments from The Peach Pit.

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