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What’s Happened to Rescue Me?

I thought it was odd that Rescue Me didn’t make a lot of summer preview round ups.  How does an original drama with a star of Denis Leary’s caliber (not to mention the stellar supporting cast) going into its sixth season not merit inclusion from Entertainment Weekly, for example?  The only thing I can think of is that the show’s increasingly dark tone, which now lacks most of the humor that once balanced it out, has taken it off many people’s radar.  There are shows, like Breaking Bad, that seem to do it better now.  And it can be tough to walk the fine line of having your protagonist be an anti-hero like Tommy Gavin.  But there’s now doubt that Rescue Me was a groundbreaking drama in its heyday, and now that it’s heading into its final season (which will air in two parts), it deserves to be noticed.

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