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Commentary: Why Do I Love TV? (Mar 17)

We at spunkybean are known to say that when we created this site, we felt we’d truly “found our people”; those so enamored of the many, many facets of pop culture, we just had to have an outlet.  I tend to say that I love it all–music, movies and TV–and it’s true.  But, if there’s one area I’m most passionate and knowledgeable about, it would have to be TV.  And I started to wonder why I love it so much.

Those who know me know it goes back to my very early years. Even when I watched Romper Room, I waited with great anticipation for the teacher to look into that magic mirror and say “and I see Myndi…” which, of course, she never did, as far as I can recall. It didn’t really matter, because when I was five, they named a show after me anyway.  And it had an alien who said “nanu-nanu” and wore rainbow suspenders.  Score!

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