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Bruce Campbell – Profiles in Awesome


Profiles in Awesome – Have you ever seen a movie trailer that looked really unappealing until a familiar face popped up, and then you thought “I have to see this”? There are people throughout the entertainment world who are consistently awesome wherever they show up, and this new feature is our way of honoring them.

If Bruce Campbell had been born thirty years earlier, he would have been Steve McQueen. If he’d been born sixty years earlier, he’d have been a Featured Player on the MGM lot and the papers would have speculated about his relationship with Mary Pickford. Luckily for us, Bruce Campbell wasn’t part of a bygone era. If he were, we’d never have seen him battle his own possessed hand, travel through time to meet himself, defeat multiple armies of darkness, and perform the single most hilarious French accent ever to appear in a major motion picture.

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