Secret Shame

My Secret Shame: Armageddon (Sep16)

So, here’s the thing.  I like all kinds of pop culture.  The kind that’s critically acclaimed and hip, like The Office, Mad Men, 30 Rock, etc. and the crap, like Big Brother.  I can guarantee you that this does not make me unique.  Oh sure, people will say they don’t know all the words to “YMCA”, but then they have a few cocktails at cousin Gina’s wedding and they’re out there spelling with their arms like everyone else.  There are certain movies that we know are complete schlock, yet we can’t help but sit through them again and again.  I have a long list.  I’m sure several would inspire debate.  Lots of them stem from my impressionable youth, when you couldn’t tell me stuff like Weird Science, Can’t Buy Me Love and Just One of the Guys didn’t rock.  Hell, you still can’t.  One movie I’d like to present for your consideration, however, that I am ashamed to sort of adore, is Armageddon .

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