What a Week It's Bean

What A Week It’s Bean (Oct 18-Oct 24)

You’ve got 1-week left until Halloween and you can still get your It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Green Man costume(s) which, I think, should outnumber the Sarah Palins you’ll see at your upcoming parties.  ‘Should’, but won’t.  Halloween is a lost art. (dk)

Robin Williams is suing a production company for not starting work on A Couple of Dicks, a detective “comedy” that Williams had agreed to star in.  He claims he is owed $6 million dollars because he had a “pay or play” agreement and the film didn’t begin production by the slated start date.  So this means Robin Williams might get paid to not make a movie.  I bet if we all pitch in, we could pay him to never make another movie again! (ej)

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