Who Needs Fresh Air?

Who Needs Fresh Air?: Homicide Seasons 1 & 2 (Jun 12)

Are you stuck with multiple invitations to various pool parties, too afraid to go lest you blind the other attendees when sunlight strikes your ghostly pale torso? We’ve got just the thing to keep you inside as spunkybean asks “Who Needs Fresh Air?”

This week’s indoor delight is Homicide: Life on the Street Seasons 1&2. That’s right, two seasons in a single set, still totaling only 13 episodes. It’s safe to say that NBC did not have a lot of faith in this series at first.

Homicide premiered in January of 1993, in the coveted post-Super Bowl slot. Spearheaded by Academy Award winning director Barry Levinson and TV heavyweight Tom Fontana (best known at the time for St. Elsewhere), the series was based on David Simon’s journalistic novel, Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, an account of his year spent with Baltimore homicide detectives. Since then, Fontana went on to create and write Oz and Simon created The Wire. So, right off, you can see that Homicide was breeding ground for quality.

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