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Half-Ass Movie Review: Wall-E (Jul 8)

So what if Wall-E has been in theaters for 10 entire days and is yesterday’s news.  We here at spunkybean don’t review things in a knee-jerk fashion in advance of a movie’s release.  No sir.  We watch movies.  Meditate on them.  Watch them again.  And again.  We sneak around the massive cinema complexes and take hobo showers in the bathroom and dig through trash for any random Junior Mints or left over soft drinks until we can sneak back into another theater and watch another movie.  We’re professional.

This past weekend, I went to see Wall-E with my 5 and 3-year old children, and with the court appointed chaperon.  I expected a theater full of children laughing hysterically as a little robot smashes things, zooms around, shoots lasers, and a cast of recognizable voices poke fun at sci-fi movies of all shapes and sizes.  I was not expecting to be lectured to, be forced to ‘think’, and enjoy the modern day equivalent of a silent film.  Had you told me all about this movie prior to my seeing it, I most certainly would’ve opted for Kung Fu Panda.

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