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Juno (movie)

I can’t exactly be objective with Juno, as the cast includes Sydney Bristow, Dwight Schrute, two Bluths, and Vern Schillinger. Also, it was written by a stripper. I don’t know what more you could ask for from a movie. (Historical sidenote: Academy Award-winning screenwriter Robert Towne worked as an exotic dancer under the name “Drake StiffGroin” right up until the release of Chinatown.*)

Ellen Page stars as Juno, a teenager who ends up in the family way after a magical night in a chair. I’m not sure how 2007 ended up as the year of funny comedies about unplanned pregnancies, but there you go. Let’s just hope that 2008 doesn’t turn out to be the year of hillarious hunting accidents or action movies about short-order cooks.

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