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Spunkybean Night at the Movies

The Wealthy Street Microcinema, in association with spunkybean, is pleased to bring you “spunkybean Night at the Movies”.  Friday, June 27, the Microcinema (located within the actual Wealthy Street Theater) will be presenting a showing of the Bruce Campbell classic Army of Darkness for just 3 bucks.  Hilarity and skeletons abound!
As if a free movie featuring a scene where a man with a chainsaw hand battles a witch to the death in a pit lined with spiked walls isn’t enough incentive to put on some pants and go out in public, there’s another special treat for you.  Before the movie, spunkybean’s own EJ Feddes, will be performing some sure-to-be hilarious comedy.  That’s right, it’s your opportunity to see the man referred to by his friend’s girlfriend as “Not as good as the guy who did the poo jokes”.
Come on out for a evening of free comedy and medieval battle scenes involving the undead!  If there’s a better deal in town, it probably involves some sort of metaphorical deal with the devil.  And by “metaphorical”, I mean “actual”.  And by “deal with the devil”, I mean “get your coat”.
We hope to see you there!

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