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Wish Upon a Box Set: DVDs I Would Buy (Nov 17)

7. Andy Richter Controls the Universe – True, Richter’s Andy Barker P.I. is rumored for a release next year, but now I’m getting greedy. The two seasons of Universe are quirky and funny, and eminently likeable. This could really be a cult hit if only there were a way for people to see it. Frankly, I just want people to know what I’m referencing when I say “These friends of yours, do they have human genitalia?”

8. Lucy, Daughter of the Devil – This Adult Swim series is looking less and less likely to see a second season. Apparently, there are creative differences and it really depends on who’s doing the talking. Regardless, this animated show was really enjoyable and had some of the most interesting art design of the last few years. And it starred H. Jon Benjamin as the Devil, as well as Todd Barry in a recurring role.

9. Freak Show – This Comedy Central animated series was too weird to live, too awesome to die. Created by the aforementioned Jon Benjamin and David Cross, also starring the similarly aforementioned Todd Barry, this show featured a gang of circus freaks who were also government agents. It was an acquired taste, to be sure, but a nice collection of the whole run should be ideal for that.

10. Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace – This would be the Holy Grail for me. This BBC comedy purported to present “lost episodes” of a 1980’s supernatural medical drama created by (and starring) “horror master” Garth Marenghi. The fake drama is hilariously incompetent, with insane dialogue, terribly sound sync, awful acting, and disturbing eye lines. Even better are the “interviews” with the actors who look back at their creation with a devotion that’s completely out of proportion to the quality of the production. Sure, there were only six episodes, but they need to be on DVD. There’s a box set in England, but I don’t have a Region-Free DVD player. Oh, and they could even toss in the six episodes of the talk show spinoff Man to Man with Dean Lerner.

Some of these are long shots, but this is a world where I now have Brisco County, Jr., Action, and Lone Gunmen (including the World Trade Center episode) on DVD. Anything’s possible, if you can imagine it! (Cue colorful unicorn who lets me ride on his back, over the rainbow, to a magical land where Arrested Development is in its 6th season.)

So, come on DVD manufacturers – are you telling me you don’t want my money? Because if I don’t get these box sets, I’m just going to blow my cash on something stupid like food and/or shelter.
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