Waterfront Film Festival

The 11th Annual Waterfront Film Festival – Day Two

Yesterday, I declared my love of the Waterfront Film Festival, and looked at the first five movies I saw. Today, I’m reviewing the movies from my second day. Another day, another five movies. And as I mentioned, I liked all of them. Indeed, it was a very good year.
Women in Trouble
This movie was written and directed by Snakes on a Plane screenwriter Sebastian Gutierrez. I was much more excited about that fact that I can rationally justify. By the way, the Festival program says he’s also collaborated on screenplays with William Goldman, Pedro Almodovar, and Mick Jagger. What a fantastic random assortment of famous people!
The marketing for Women makes it look like an exploitation film. And in fact, all of the lead characters end up in their underwear at some point. I’m not completely clear on whether this specific element was meant to be satirical, or just an excuse to get Carla Gugino down to her skivvies. Yeah, I said “skivvies”. I’m my grandfather.

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