Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice 3-8 “My Husband Clogs the Toilet”

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice: Holly Robinson-Peete led Tenacity to a victory by raising more money while creating a boring workout. Sharon Osbourne called out Holly as a “Tiddle-taddle”. Trump fired nobody and pretended to be noble, while he most likely was just keeping to their minimum episode commitment.
Once again, our thoughts are with Bret Michaels, who is reportedly on the road to recovery. Here’s hoping he’s back in time for the finale, and Trump can ask him a whole bunch of awkward questions.
Everybody celebrates not being fired, and they all seem legitimately happy. Lack of drama and fistfights makes for a dull post-Boardroom scene.
The full-length opening is back. I love how there’s actually a shot of a golden bull just before they show Sharon. It’s like Trump is actively trying to anger Old Testament God.
Holly meets with the representative of her charity, who is her husband. Rodney Peete used to be quarterback for the Lions, and according to my sister, Celebrity Apprentice Rodney Peete appears to have eaten NFL Rodney Peete. It’s another awkwardly scripted scene that’s supposed to be spontaneous. But it’s cool because Rodney flips out over the size of the check. He says in an interview that he always watches the show, so he was probably expecting 20 grand. Then Holly’s four kids all come to see her, and I feel kind of creepy watching a family moment that is probably rehearsed. They all seem really happy, though. Even if kids weird me out a little bit. I mean, they’re like people only they don’t get any references and they can’t drive. What’s the deal?

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