Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice – Season 3, Episode 9, Truck Stop Taste

Previously on The Apprentice: Rock Solid scored a rare win, Cyndi Lauper explained everything there is to know about Benjamin Franklin, Sharon Osbourne and Maria Kanellis threatened Curtis Stone with violence, and Bret Michaels was the first person to win twice as Project Manager. (file that under sentences I’m guessing you never thought you’d type.–Myndi)

Back in the Suite, Holly Robinson-Peete complains that Cyndi got a free pass, and Cyndi says she’s not going to throw herself under the bus “because nobody sticks up for the gays”. Bret doesn’t follow that train of logic at all – “What the hell did you just say?” Cyndi talks about how gay marriage is illegal but marijuana isn’t. Wait, what? Granted, I’m not a High Times subscriber, but I still think I would have heard about that. I appreciate that Cyndi is passionate, but she doesn’t always make sense.

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