Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 – Snap Judgments

“She’s a poker player!  A poker player!”
That’s right, it’s Celebrity Apprentice time again.  Last season we learned that Jesse James is surprisingly hilarious, Joan Rivers invokes Hitler much too casually, Clint Black is way creepier than you would have thought, and that Donald Trump wants to make out with Dennis Rodman.  We learn some fascinating things about the famous, and the people who are supposedly famous even though we’ve actually never heard of them before.
This year, Donald Trump has a whole new crop of retarded baby ducklings to scold, hit on, and fire for completely random reasons.  Some of them you’ll know, some of them will be new, and you will be shocked that at least one of them was even asked to appear.  So who’s going to lose their minds this year?  EJ and Myndi are here to tell you who they are and how likely they are to inspire serious creepiness from Trump.
Rod Blagojevich – Are you ready to have your mind blown?  My spellcheck does not flag “Blagojevich” as a misspelled word!  In fact, it corrects me when I misspell it.  The disgraced Governor’s appearance here is a little bit depressing, but I think it will also be fantastically entertaining.  After all, this is a competition that gets by mostly on the Freak Factor.  I feel like he won’t be good at anything, and everybody will make fun of him, and I’ve got no problem with that.  And if you’ve ever heard Rod protest his innocence, it’s clear that he’s either serious (about the fact that he believes he didn’t do anything – not that he’s actually without blame) or the most elaborate liar in history.  Delusional?  Liar?  Either way, I can’t wait to watch what happens when Trump awkwardly brings up his ongoing case.  (ej)

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