Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 – “Gary is an Obvious Thing”

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice:  A really entertaining episode resulted in a whole lot of money being raised for a couple of charities.  Everybody made paintings that looked like art therapy for troubled children.  Meat Loaf flipped out.  Gary Busey explained the difference between pigs and buffalo.  Marlee Matlin raised nearly one million dollars.  Richard Hatch made a gay-ass hat and was fired.  Jose Canseco left the show because his father was ill.  All in all, it was pretty great.  And now, get ready to be totally aggravated for two hours!

Everybody gets together in the Suite, and the mood is mostly jovial.  LaToya feels neglected, and Busey halfway confronts John Rich about his Boardroom comments.  Then he corners Mark McGrath to talk about how he’s motivated by everybody’s negativity.  Mark is pretty good at just agreeing with him and moving on.  It’s sort of like when a hobo in the Home Depot parking lot starts telling you about black helicopters.  Agree, avoid eye contact, and get to the car.

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  1. You put Charles Manson, Gary Busey, and The Ben Stiller show into a single sentence …how is this not the most Google’d article on the Internet ever?

  2. Dammit! I should have put “topless” in that sentence.

  3. Great. Thanks. Now I can’t unsee that.

  4. Pretty good season! Joan Rivers is probably my favorite of all time in terms of entertainment factor.

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