Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 – “I Love Touching the Art”

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice: Dionne Warwick went home, and there was much rejoicing.  Also, we saw to pixilated suggestion of Gary Busey’s manhood, and learned that he calls it “Big Wednesday”. Let’s never speak of that again.

In the Suite, the men brag about their winning streak.  Better get to work constructing a petard of your own on which you can be hoisted, Backbone!  They have a good laugh about the argument in the hallway, because their team is so well-adjusted and functional that they’ll never have any problems to deal with.  (Have I foreshadowed enough?  I think I’ve foreshadowed enough.)

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  1. This was my favorite Recap so far! The others in the cyber cafe gave me weird looks as I was laughing.-

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