Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 – “Living Under Correct Knowledge Yearly”

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice:  America started to hate Dionne Warwick.  Jose Canseco was a jerk to random passerby.  Gary Busey compared himself to a flying squirrel.  Marlee Matlin continued to be awesome, while Star Jones continued to not be.  Meat Loaf managed to lead his team to victory when he wasn’t fighting back tears.  Lisa Rinna was not good in the Boardroom, and was fired despite Trump’s best efforts. 

In the suite, Gary wonders why Meat Loaf doesn’t respect him, and Meat Loaf absolutely does not want to be arguing.  He’s just trying to move on – this is not a guy who enjoys confrontation.  At one point, unless I am mishearing things, he calls Busey “Sweetie”, and if that actually happened, that’s pretty much the best thing ever.  Meat Loaf says Busey’s overreacting, and his response is “No, you are.”  Well, as long as they can be mature about it. 

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  2. Awesome review. I literally had to cover my mouth from laughing hysterically in my cubicle.

    I’ve always liked Dione Warwick’s music, but no doubt that woman is 100% evil

  3. Thank you! I strive to create awkward workplace situations whenever I can.

    Yeah, Dionne is really talented, but “That’s What Friends Are For” isn’t good enough to justify that attitude of hers.

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