Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 – “Officer Dominic Boddy”

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice:  And by “previously” we mean “in this same episode”, both teams put on a comedy show.  Meat Loaf cried a lot, Marlee Matlin did stand-up, NeNe Leakes quit, and Trump pretended he fired her.  John Rich did a cool thing that assured I will stop calling him “Kaboy”, and LaToya Jackson was fired.  Again.

Sine this is a three-hour episode, we’re only at the midpoint.  And we don’t see the opening credits again, so feel free to rewind and watch the scene of Richard Hatch running away from an explosion again.  (Does anybody know if I can get that as an animated .gif?  I can’t say it would be better than “Ron Swanson drunk on Snake Juice”, but it would still be pretty good.)

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