Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 – “People Tell Me She’s a Legend”

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice:  No matter how little you liked Richard Hatch and Jose Canseco, you liked them less by the end of the episode.  Meat Loaf fought back tears, Star Jones and Lisa Rinna kind of hated each other, Niki Taylor was great at making pizza, Gary Busey was exactly the way you’d expect, and David Cassidy got fired for being tiny.

In the suite, everybody is pretty sure that David is getting fired, which means that Trump is getting predictable.  He needs to shake things up and fire somebody from a previous season just to keep everybody on their toes.  “Who got fired?”  “Uh, Khloe Kardashian.”  Star and Lisa decide that they’re both over it.  Star makes vague threats about what will happen if and when her team ever loses, and I call that foreshadowing.

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