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Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 – Snap Judgments

Lately, Donald Trump has been talking about his interest in a possible run for President.  If you need to be reminded why this is a bad idea, NBC is bringing back Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday.  Yes, it’s another season of squabbling, terrible viral videos, and frustrating Boardrooms in which Trump makes seemingly random decisions.  It’s a weekly blast of insanity, and we couldn’t be more excited.

A big part of the fun of Celebrity Apprentice is getting to know the new crop and developing strong feelings about them.  Before Season One, we’d never heard of Piers Morgan, but he turned out to be mean and hilarious.  In Season Two we fell in love with Jesse James, and yes, we’re kind of kicking ourselves about that one now.  Last year, we learned that Maria Kanellis is hilarious, Cyndi Lauper is an actual crazy lady, and Bret Michaels is weirdly loveable and also ridiculously determined.  So while we offer up our Snap Judgments now, we could feel very differently about these people in a couple of episodes. 

David Cassidy – Keith Partridge!  I suspect that Myndi will have more to say about his teen idol status, so I want to bring up two shocking facts that I learned on Wikipedia.  First, in 1956 he learned from other kids in the neighborhood that his parents had been divorced for two years and never told him.  Second, the series 21 Jump Street was apparently based on his single-season drama, David Cassidy:  Man Under Cover.  At first glance, he looks surprisingly well-adjusted.  Sure, there’s a recent DUI, and you know how Trump feels when non-athletes get those.  The whole point of this show seems to be finding surprising ways in which famous people are crazy, but I don’t see him as being a guy with a real temper or any weird issues.  This will either get him far, or eliminated in the first episode.  The show is strange that way.  (EJ)

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