Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 – “The Future is Trump”

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice:  Well, really only one thing mattered.  Trump finally put Gary Busey out of our misery.  Other stuff happened too, but we’ll get to that if and when it’s pertinent.  The important thing is that Busey’s crazy eyes and teeth are out the door, along with every other unsettling thing about him.

In the Suite, we see a recap of the bit from last week where NeNe Leakes is sad that Trump keeps calling her out for being mean, and then the guys return from the Boardroom.  Meat Loaf explains Busey’s thing about flavored meat to ASAP, and that is the shortest opening sequence ever.

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  1. This: “And it ends with the line “The Future is Trump”, and that’s actually the most terrifying thing I can envision. Imagine Trump as a brain in a jar (still with the hair, though), shouting orders at his StormTrumpers as they round up the last survivors of the Gold Wars. A band of scrappy rebels stands in opposition, but their primitive spears and blowguns can’t penetrate the golden armor of the StormTrumpers. Their only hope? The chosen ones – Anderson Cooper, Mahsa, and Eric Trump (who has been exiled from the kingdom and spent the last ten years living underground and training all manner of burrowing rodents to do his bidding).” is one of the funniest paragraphs ever written! Also, on a related note, does Eric Trump not have any access to lip balm? If I can tell you are need of lip moisturizers thru the TV screen, you’re in trouble!

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