Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 – “We Can Make You Look Thinner”

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice:  LaToya Jackson’s return was somewhat less triumphant than you’d expect and she was eliminated in her very first task.  Jimmy Fallon and Tracy Morgan stopped by and Jim Cramer shot a bunch of reactions that they dropped in to the episode at random intervals.  NeNe Leakes hated Star Jones, but was mad that they didn’t get to work together anymore, so she quit.  Meat Loaf turned out to have a rather suspect sense of humor, and Star was eliminated not for being generally awful but for objecting to the word “sweetie”.  Also, Trump announced that he would not, in fact, be running for President.  That didn’t happen on the show, but doesn’t it feel like America is already a little brighter?

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