Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Smackdown: Season 2, Episode 10

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice: Melissa Rivers lost her damn mind.
After the meltdown, the remaining celebrities sit in the suite, very confused as to what just happened, and wonder aloud whether Joan Rivers is coming back. Everybody really does seem astonished by the severity of the Rivers’ reactions, which makes me think that the meltdown wasn’t due to an unaired and unspecified personal attack, as Melissa has been claiming since the episode aired.
Opening credits: Did Scott Hamilton really flick a handful of glitter at the camera?
Clint Black presents his $20,000 check to the Rhett’s Syndrome Foundation, in the form of his brother. As ever, I will not make fun of this scene, but my friend Sam had a hilarious joke about the “Black plague”, that I am much too sensitive to use. 

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