Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Smackdown: Season 2, Episode 2 (Mar 15)

Previously, on Celebrity Apprentice: Andrew “Dice” Clay spent only one week on our TV sets. Huzzah! (It’s a two-hour episode this week – I don’t have time to recap the recap.)
Donald Trump shows up to remind us what show we’re watching from his own private helicopter. His helicopter does not have landing gear. How the hell does that work? I assume he parachutes out when he gets where he wants to go, and the poor pilot just has to get as far from populated areas as possible before he runs out of fuel.
Herschel Walker and Dennis Rodman return to the suite after surviving the Boardroom. Scott Hamilton and Dennis agree that they’re still friends. Clint Black says something, but I’m not paying attention, because I’m transfixed by his uneven eyebrows. His left eye is normal, but the right one is about half the length of the other. Creepy. Tom Green says he can’t trust anybody there. Which is probably not a bad policy, frankly.

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