Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Smackdown: Season 2, Episode 4 (Mar 30)

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice: KOTU proved to be as bad at selling wedding dresses as they are at everything else. Donald Trump excessively complimented Dennis Rodman’s pretty, pretty eyes. Tom Green and Dennis spent a mysterious night with some dotcom millionaires and their cat-dog, and in the end Tom Green was fired for not being Dennis Rodman.
Well, at least Dennis learned a lesson and we can count on him contributing positively to the team this week, right?
KOTU returns to the suite, and Dennis mumbles to the camera about how he’s on his own team. Clint Black stresses the importance of listening to one’s boss, and he uses the word “boss” so much that it loses all meaning. Boss. Boss boss. That’s a funny word. Boss. He and Dennis have it out a little, while Athena looks on in patronizing amusement.

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