Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice Smackdown: Season 2, Episode 9 (May 5)

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice: Natalie Gulbis was fired for the stated reason that she didn’t pick eye-catching pieces for a jewelry auction, and for the unstated reason that she has yet to contribute anything at all to this series. Piers Morgan showed up and was hilarious, and Donald Trump announced to all assembled that Jesse James is fantastic in bed. And then, after proclaiming both his heterosexuality and his love for Herschel Walker, he fired him too. Trump’s psyche was a weird place to be last week.
Does anybody else think of Alias when they open with that top-down shot of the city? This show should be more like Alias actually. If Ivanka started wearing wigs and kicking people in the throat, that would make this the greatest show ever.
In the suite, everybody is sad about Herschel and is disgusted that Clint Black didn’t say good-bye. Nothing particularly hilarious here, but it does set up that this episode is largely about Jesse not liking Clint.

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