Celebrity Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice (Week 2)

Previously on Celebrity Apprentice: A young woman was fired for not selling Hugh Hefner a hot dog. There. You’re caught up.

Carol Alt and Omarosa return to the suite, where both teams are waiting, and no doubt making the most awkward small talk in history. Immediately, Piers Morgan takes a shot at Omarosa, and she responds with “Oh, Piers. Keep drinking. Tuck your shirt in.” He is, indeed, drinking. Also, his shirt is already tucked in. Omarosa’s idea of a comeback is apparently to point out quantifiable facts about the other party. Some witless back-and-forth ensues. Why don’t you crazy kids just skip the pretenses and make out?The opening theme now shows all the contestants, just like in other seasons. Tiffany Fallon’s shot shows her on the cover of Playboy, and they manage to make sure to actually position the cover so as to get the word ‘Sex’ from the cover text onscreen. There is so much weirdness regarding women on this show, and I can’t tell if it’s from Trump or from Mark Burnett, or both. Carol Alt actually uses a wind machine in her intro, which is just funny. I couldn’t put my finger on it last week, but Jennie Finch is totally Dee from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And, well, there’s no good way to put this. Did Omarosa always have…. those?

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