Celebrity Apprentice

Snap Judgements: Celebrity Apprentice Season 2 (Jan 15)

Last week, the eagerly anticipated cast list for the upcoming second season of Celebrity Apprentice was announced! We at spunkybean first enjoyed the show last winter during the writers’ strike, when it was damn near the only game in town. Somehow, we grew attached (despite the presence of Gene Simmons and Stephen “Flea” Baldwin) and had to admit we were glad to hear it would be returning. Donald Trump has cobbled together yet another batch of celebrities of varying degrees of distinction and success for another installment, starting this March.We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t make some snap judgements about them and how they’ll fare in the boardroom. EJ and Myndi were dying to talk about all the celebs. Special Guest Star Don was more selective, and perhaps a bit…confused about some things.

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